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Jake Riesterer

  1. Software Developer @ Wikibuy (formerly Impossible Ventures)

    – Present
    • Architected and implemented several key components of a consumer product that will change how people buy things
    • Created a framework for the data science team to speed up feature iteration and improve the performance and reliability of the model
    • Led the switch to React + Webpack + Babel for front-end code and created reusable tooling for building universal javascript modules
  2. Senior Web Developer @ Mutual Mobile

    • Served as either the sole or lead developer for numerous responsive web apps and hybrid mobile apps for Fortune 500 companies
    • Created multi-device, interactive kiosk installation for a client’s retail stores where users can interact with an iPad to control 3D graphics displayed on a TV
  3. Creative Technologist @ Tocquigny

    • Led development on multiple client projects including native iOS apps, web applications, and social marketing campaigns
    • Created live-action and motion graphics videos for various clients, including Fortune 1000 companies
    • Started Tocquigny labs initiative to improve our working knowledge of new and emerging technologies, demonstrate and evangelize their use to our clients, and position Tocquigny as a leading digital agency. Projects included:
      • projection mapping
      • gesture-driven interfaces
      • microcontrollers and internet connected devices
  4. Student @ The University of Texas at Austin

    • B.S. Radio-Television-Film w/ honors

      Graduated in 3 years.